Contributing guidelines

Hi! 😸 Thank you very much for reaching us out.

We are looking for contributions of different kind that ranges from incidental but meaningful contributions to extended and close collaboration.

Things to consider:

  • We are focusing in this first iteration on small centrifuge design of 15 ml.
  • We are using a reference open hardware project to replicate, test, hack and improve if possible.

These is a list of things you can do in order to contribute to the project:

User feedback:

  • If you are a user of this equipment you can (https:[fill in this form]// and share it with your colleagues.

Opening github issues for design improvements you have been thinking about:

We always consider each improvement as a hypothesis that needs to be tested. You can also point to videos, documentation and solutions that support the hypothesis/idea you have in mind. See this example as a style guide for test setup.

  • If you have ideas about centrifuge solutions features, open an issue and describe the concept/hypothesis considering the following:
    1. How this feature improves the centrifuge design considering: 1.1. Pains you have already had in your previous experience. 1.2. Gains your idea has.

    2. Description of the concept.

    3. Preferably describe a test case/experiment by using the following markdown template.